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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to you and yours from Atticus Watch Company. We hope you are all enjoying this holiday season and we hope you will all get to enjoy time with family and friends. As is often the case with the holiday season upon us, we have been reflecting on the past and looking forward to the future. As such, we thought we would share a little more about our “why” with you all. The story of Atticus: from HER point of view.After the burglary that started Rusty on his search for the perfect watch and introduced him to Chris Vail of (Lew & Huey at the time) NTH Watches, Rusty started working with Chris on design work for the NTH...

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It Began with a Burglary

As many WIS in the affordables crowd have done, I stumbled into the world of microbrands - arguably the best bang-for-buck watches on the planet.

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