Limited Warranty

What does the warranty cover... or not cover?

The warranty is to protect the customer against hidden problems and mechanical malfunction due to parts failure or incorrect assembly. It covers all mechanical malfunctions of the movement and operating problems stemming from incorrect assembly. 

The warranty does not cover quality issues raised by customers after an item's condition has been altered. Quality concerns are addressed by our returns policy.

The warranty does not cover "wear and tear" damage caused by normal use, abuse or neglect, including but not limited to exterior marks on case or bezel, shattered crystals, worn out straps, broken buckles, broken spring bars, and loose bracelet screws or pins.

The warranty does not cover incidental damage stemming from partial disassembly, to include but not limited to removing the bezel or attempting to modify your watch. It does not cover unauthorized repairs by third parties.

The warranty does not cover improper use, including but not limited to damage to the date-change mechanism caused by improper date-setting, improper method for sizing the bracelet, or crown damage caused by cross-threading or over-tightening a screw-down crown.

The warranty does not cover routine service or maintenance which may be required within the warranty period, including but not limited to demagnetization, or adjustments for accuracy resulting from the watch suffering an impact which affects the balance.

Please be sure to review our site's Operation & Maintenance page for more information related to proper use, operation and maintenance.

The warranty does not cover acceptable variations or microscopic imperfections which fall within our QC standards due to manufacturing tolerances, limits of manufacturing, necessary clearances, and human fallibility. Please see our returns policy for more information.