Prototypes Are In!

Hey, y'all!
I hope this update finds you all well.  2020 has been less than kind to many of us.  It's such a crazy time.  But in the midst of it all we have been working on the Adventure Series and we are thrilled to announce we have prototypes in hand.  I (DeeDee) have been trying to get some good photos to show them all to you, but I have to admit Rusty is a far better watch designer than I am a photographer of watches.  And that is why you will be seeing his wrist shots rather than my photos. hehe
As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, we homeschool our three boys using a classical education model.  We have a love of all things classic: classic rock, classic cars, classic watches, and classic beauty.  I really think Rusty did a great job of creating some instant classics in his Atticus Adventure Series.  The watches all feature a case that is 38mm in diameter with a length of 46mm which houses a Miyota 9000 series movement.  We'll be using the Miyota 9015 for the date models, and to avoid that irritating "ghost date position", the 90S5 for the no-date models.  They are 11mm THIN with a water resistance rating of 10ATM/100m.  The custom bracelet is sure to please!  It is unique and very comfortable with fully-articulating links and a 20-16mm taper.  It features an 18mm double-locking diver-style clasp.  In our opinion these watches are the perfect size and the bracelet is a perfect fit.
Atticus Adventure Series Case ProfileAtticus Adventure Series Case ProfileAtticus Adventure Series Case Profile
Atticus Adventure Series Custom Bracelet
And now without further ado, I present to you the five watches in the Adventure Series.
First in the line-up is the Pelion.  Featuring classic snowflake hands this watch is aptly named for Mt. Pelion in central Greece where one can expect to see snow from January to March.  
Atticus Adventure Series - Pelion
Next up is the Meteora.  The pillar-like markers on this beauty bring to mind the ancient architecture of Greece.  We made a change to this watch though - notice the linen dial.  When we pulled this watch out of the box I was flooded with memories of my dad.  There's just something about a classic linen dial.
Atticus Adventure Series - Meteora
And then there is Pytheas.  Pytheas was a Greek geographer and explorer.  It felt like the perfect name for this nod to the Rolex Ref 6350.  We chose a beautiful deep blue for this release of the Pytheas, bringing to mind the deep waters of the Aegean sea.
Atticus Adventure Series - Pytheas
The Icarus is Rusty's take on a classic pilot watch, one that is reminiscent of the instrument panels of a cockpit.  I just love the luminescent blue of the "Icarus" text and second hand.  Blue for the sky seemed appropriate for this one.
Atticus Adventure Series - Icarus
Lastly, the Téleios.  I stand by my initial reaction to the render for this watch, and thus the name "Téleios" (which is a Greek word for "perfect").  This watch is stunning.  
Atticus Adventure Series - Teleios
Today we have started sending the prototypes out to some bloggers and watch reviewers.  Hopefully we'll be posting some glowing reviews soon!
If you have not done so yet, follow @atticuswatch on Instagram for more pictures.  Also keep an eye out here on our site for more news regarding a launch date.
I hope you have enjoyed seeing these watches as much as we have.  We will continue to update you all as we get closer to a launch date.  Stay tuned!


  • bob

    really love the new designs, especially the Icarus which looks stunning. sad that your newsletter subscription signup does not seem to work (repeated 404 error) as i would like to purchase when available. you may want to look into checking/fixing your signup page (maybe a captcha issue ?) so those of us interested can subscribe to your newsletter. cheers !

  • Martin

    Looking forward to getting in line for the pre-order!

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