Returns Policy


Please inspect all items carefully upon arrival, prior to removing any protective wrapping. Feel free to test functions, and inspect under high magnification.

Our 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are dissatisfied with any item, for any reason, do not alter its condition by unwrapping or wearing it. Please contact us to arrange for its return within 30 days of delivery.

Returns for Refund or Replacement

Returns for refund or replacement must be in as-delivered condition, with all original packaging and protective covers in place, regardless of the reason for the return.

Any items not returned in as-delivered condition will be subject to a minimum restocking fee of 20%.

Customer requests for replacement of returned items, rather than returns for refund, will be considered at our sole discretion.

Do not return any item without first contacting us to arrange for a return authorization. All returns must be done according to our guidelines, using the address we provide, NOT the return address on the order shipment.

Returns for refund must be inspected prior to a refund being issued, and may not be sent directly back to our order fulfillment center. Returning items to our fulfillment center will delay a refund, and incur additional fees, which will be netted from refunds.

Customers who ignore or fail to follow return shipping instructions assume all risk for lost shipments.

We do not pay return shipping costs on items returned for refund.

Refunds will be net of our actual shipping costs, even if shipping was not charged on the order. Please see our shipping FAQs for estimated shipping costs.

Mechanical Defects & Assembly Errors

Please contact us immediately if you find any mechanical defects or assembly errors. We may ask for pictures or video showing the defect.

If we determine an item has a mechanical defect or assembly error, and it is still in as-delivered condition, we will arrange for a return for immediate replacement, at our cost, including shipping.

If the item is no longer in as-delivered condition, we will arrange to have it repaired under warranty, within 2 years of delivery.

Determination of defects is at our sole discretion. Items we determine to be acceptable variations within our quality control standards, and not defective cannot be returned for replacement or repair, but may be returned for refund if the item remains in as-delivered condition, within 30 days of delivery.

Determination of Defects & Quality Control

The parts for our watches are made by machines, then finished and assembled by hand.

Due to manufacturing tolerances, necessary clearances between metal parts, and human fallibility, we cannot guarantee 100% perfection or uniformity without dramatically raising our prices.

In order to deliver a quality product to our customers, each watch goes through multiple rounds of quality control, where we separate defects - meaning mechanical problems and assembly errors - from what we consider acceptable variations.

Acceptable variations are "judgment calls" we make when there's no objective measure or industry standard we can use. These may include but are not limited to alignment of fitted parts, evenness of finishing, small tool marks, and color differences in coated or lumed surfaces.

As a rule of thumb, we ask ourselves if we're comfortable having the watch used as an example of the quality we deliver, knowing it will affect the reputation of our business. If we're not comfortable with it, it fails QC.

Break-in, Operating Quirks and Nitpicks

Little quirks of operation or assembly are common with many watches, especially mechanical watches, and watches which employ compressible parts for water resistance.

Some crowns may require more deliberate handling to operate correctly or as expected, due to their fitment with other parts and assembly. The internal parts they're connected to may need some break-in for lubrication to be evenly distributed.

Additionally, our watches are shipped within leather travel cases inside protective cardboard sleeves, which may show signs of shipping and handling. If you are giving one of our watches as a gift, and are concerned about the condition of the box on arrival, please contact us about replacement.

The Reasoning Behind Our Returns Policy

This is a small business. We produce new models in very limited numbers. If a watch is returned, but not defective, it goes back into inventory. Every watch we produce must be sold to a customer, none of whom will accept it if they think it's been worn.

Some QC failures or returns for defect will be sold at a discount or added to our in-house collection, but most QC failures and returns for defect are sent for repair/re-assembly, after which they will be added back into inventory.

These are the reasons why we require all returns for refund or replacement to be in as-delivered condition, and cannot accept returns of items not in as-delivered condition.

We don't own the factory, which is overseas, and have very few employees. We have to be very efficient in our operations, particularly in how we handle repairs and re-assembly. Sometimes repair/re-assembly isn't handled until months later, when time allows, and often when we're running low on inventory for sale.

This is why we like to immediately replace any defects which slip through QC and make it to our customers. We want to be sure we have a replacement available to send to our customer, and that we are managing repairs/re-assemblies as a group, at the right time, so we can stay efficient, rather than managing one repair at a time, with our customer waiting.

This is also why we ask customers to carefully inspect their watch before altering its condition by unwrapping and wearing it.

If you find something wrong with your watch, please do not try to ignore it, thinking you might "get over it". We want to address all problems sooner rather than later. If you bring it to our attention later, we might not agree what you've found is a defect, or we may not be able to conduct a quick return for replacement or repair.

We will do everything we can do, within reason, to ensure our customers' satisfaction.